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Shade Structures, Shelters, Gazebos, Pavilions, Kiosks, Bus Stops...

For many years Classic has served the needs of landscape architects, city planners, and park designers with steel structures that protect against the elements. The structures are the highest quality in the industry, setting the standard for quick and easy construction with good looks.

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Classic’s structures include shelters, kiosks, bus stop shade structures, steel pavilion structures, picnic shelters, dugouts, gazebos, park pavilions, playground shelters, sidewalk covers, pergolas, metal pavilions and many more. Since 1989, working with design professionals has resulted in a wide variety of innovative solutions and solar shade structures for virtually any recreational, commercial or outdoor use.

This site contains high resolution photographs, technical drawings, and more to help give a clear picture of what fabricated metal buildings and curved shade structures can be. Classic’s name is our motto: “We are dedicated to providing classic shade structure designs for the recreation industry, with the most innovative construction systems available”.

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