Park Restroom, Entries and Other Solutions

park restroomSteel frame and roof structures are provided for park restroom, entries and other solutions. Other solutions include concessions and combined picnic areas. Outdoor restroom facilities and enclosed structures are provided by others.

The first photo on this page is a 22’6″ x 22’6″ custom structure that covers a site-built block restroom in Knoxville, TN. It has a cool standing-seam roof.

outdoor restroom
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA: A 4′ x 18′ Cheyenne entry recalls Iowa’s heritage at a modern college football training facility.

restroom outdoor
Knoxville, TN: A rectangular Campion model is a combined picnic area, concession and restroom outdoor facility with a Galvalume steel roof.


Park restroom, entries other solutions are often designed in collaboration with parks agencies, local government, and other authorities. Our shade structures surround these facilities & solutions and are manufactured from U.S. sourced components and materials. Our shade systems are refined from decades of experience as a specialist provider of park structure design and construction.

Outdoor restroom and other solutions can be specified to deliver:

  • Safe, hygienic and inviting facilities
  • Accommodation for disabilities in compliance with ADA
  • Vandal resistant design at all levels of building systems design
  • Cost-effective operation and maintenance. This often considers vandal resistance, minimizing costs of vandal rectification, and cleaning requirements
  • Pre-fabrication by the manufacturer permitting the use of high technology and equipment not feasible for conventional on-site construction. This gives higher quality construction, finish and longevity minimizing on-site work requirements. It also reduces costs and logistics difficulties. This allows a huge cost savings over conventional on-site construction.

At Classic Recreation, we strive to manufacture solutions with the highest quality materials available. We understand that our products will be used and abused by the public for decades. Quality materials are critical to us creating products that will perform with little maintenance for long-term use. Classic Recreation products are manufactured by detail oriented and trained professionals.