Details & Ornamentation

A closer look at our column and beam connections reveal the attention to details & ornamentation that Classic Recreation is known for. Note the minimally exposed plates, no exposed bolts, and mitered corner extension beams in the gazebo design. Details, materials and workmanship set us apart from the pavilion design competition.

gazebo design    pavilion design

Left photo shows column detail with heavy duty railing attachment in the metal gazebo design. Right photo is standard column showing anchor bolt cover plate gazebo details with drive pins.

pergola design     pergola details

The left photo shows column and end frame for Sedona, Biltmore, and Country Garden models. On the right is Prescott model column and frame gazebo construction details.

metal gazebo design        gazebo details

Photo on the left shows standard tongue & groove and lighting detail. The right photo shows optional diamond ornamentation on a 54′ Savannah with Regal Blue HR-36 roof and the careful attention to the gazebo structural details.

gazebo construction details       gazebo structural details

On the left is heavy duty railing with 1″ square pickets spaced 5″ o.c. with tube steel rails which adds to any metal pergola design. Right photo shows a functional cupola that promotes airflow with R-panel roof. The cupola is part of the main frame of the gazebo design.


A shade structure is often called a gazebo and is probably one of the most recognized outdoor structures that is used in parks and community landscapes. The details and ornamentation provided by Classic makes these outdoor structures the best solution for any park, recreation, community or other setting. Gazebo design often has a more circular geometric shapes while a ramada is a shade structure with a fully covered often open-ended roof. In years past, gazebos were popular as an open building that took advantage of a view, or a summerhouse. This style is reflected in Classic Recreation’s shade shelter models and often found at parks or municipalities on hills, tree clearings, or next to a water feature view. Many of Classic’s shade models feature a roof that is fully covered and vaulted. However some models are a more open pergola style such as the Trellis.