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The Best Place To Do Your Business

You are at a beautiful park, enjoying the wonders of nature, when nature decides to “call.” You look for the nearest restroom that doesn’t consist of a tree and it’s not so soft leaves, when behold, all you can find is the dreaded port-a-potty! This port-a-potty looks like it has been used as Rocky’s punching bag, the heat has transformed the aroma from the inside contents into a scent no candle maker is clamoring to add to their collection, and that lovely heat has also made the temperature in the inside of this little cubicle so hot that even your sweat beads are sweating. So how do you do your business? You either bare the horrible elements, or you leave the park to find a more suitable “potty” area.

Do Your Business


Classic Recreation has created a line of eco-friendly and solar shade structure products so that you don’t have to leave an area to find a more suitable refuge to do your business. These structures, which can enclose the port-a-potty, were created not only to add a comforting look and feel to the traditional port-a-potty with sleek lines that maintain the architectural theme of the park or site, but these structures provide shade so that the internal temperature of the port-a-potty stays much cooler, providing more comfort for the user and minimalizing the port-a-potty aroma which can be heightened because of the heat. These structures, which are ideal for parks, recreational areas, and community sites, improve the look of the facility, helps deter vandalism and overturning, and protects the port-a-potty from the elements, extending the life of the port-a-potty.


These are just four of the many models that Classic Recreation offers to help add beauty and function to your port-a-potty. The Mesa model is one of the more popular models that can feature a standing seam and hip roof design to efficiently protect your port-a-potty from the elements. It is available in different shapes and sizes. The  right picture is the Orlando model with a privacy screen. This model is a sleak and more cost-effective design.


The Orlando model is also easily customizable and available in different sizes. The picture on the left is the Northwest model. This eye-catching and striking design offers excellent ventilation due to its clerestory roof design, while still providing protection against the elements. This model is available in many sizes and roof pitches.

The picture to the right is a Colorado model. This model provides a distinctive curved roof that offers an uncluttered appearance. The Colorado is available in different sizes and is also available with ornamentation.  Most of these structures can be augmented with a gate, screen, or screen in an “L” shape to improve privacy, security and vandal resistance.