Ramada Shade Structures at The Strand

Ramada Shade Structures at The Strand

The Strand @ Gilbert is a 25-acre sports-based water park that is a part of Gilbert Arizona’s new Regional Park. This park features ramada shade structures manufactured by Classic Recreation. The park amenities include three lagoons for cable-based wakeboarding and skiing, surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and a floating obstacle course, as well as restaurants, a beach, a swimming area, and a retail store.

There are also six swings at the park, picnic areas, bathrooms, and a lighted walkway. It could take another 16-24 months to completely build out all of the water park’s features.

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The Classic Northwest model ramada shade structures at the new Gilbert Regional Park.

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“Mostly its a place for the community. It’s a community asset; it’s for the residents of Gilbert and the surrounding areas,” said John McLaughlin, CEO of Strand Resorts. “We’re not a typical water park with slides or rides. We’re more on the skills side so the more you surf the better you get. The more quality waves you can get, the faster you’re going to progress.”

“The surf lake (the cable-based skills course) is an engineering masterpiece,” he said. “It’s extremely complicated engineering and creating the swells, causing the waves to do what they do…”

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“We spent a lot of time working with groups and community reach-out so that no matter what you’re ability level is, you can use every aspect of this park, make it to the top of the mountain and make it down,” said Recreation Director Robert Carmona. “There are wide walkways to accommodate wheelchairs, specialty swings on the zipline and in the swing areas, and cushioned ground throughout the play area.”

“Every time you go down, there are different ways to go back up. And within ‘The Mountain’ there are a lot of different play features, even climbing features, to get up and explore. Really the idea behind it is to be able to explore every time you come to the park. That each time you come to the playground you’re going to have a different experience and be able to use it in a different way than you used it before,” Carmona said.

The Classic Northwest model has a striking clerestory design creating a modern look with classic lines. The variable roof pitch of the shade and the large opening provide unparalleled ventilation. The Northwest structure protects park occupants from the elements with its heavy-duty engineering and geometry.

To read the article published ABC news, click here.

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    I really like the way these Ramada’s look, I need to go and check them out in person!

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    Hey, this looks like fun and I want to go…