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Where There is Smoke, Is There Fire?

Many Colleges, Universities and other organizations are revising their smoking and tobacco use policies. This includes Yavapai College which has a new official policy that goes into effect in Aug. 2016.

The Yavapai College policy allows people to smoke on campuses within a limited number of designated outdoor areas, according to a news release. Many of these areas are already constructed, marked with signage and furnished with tobacco product waste receptacles.

Classic Recreation supplied the smoking shelter to Yavapai College. It is a durable powder-coated quality metal structure that will withstand the outdoor environment and provide protection and comfort for the smokers.

smoke shelter


At Yavapai College, smoking includes, but is not limited to: carrying a lighted or smoldering cigarette, cigar, pipe and inhaling e-cigarettes or vaporizers. Smokeless tobacco products such as snuff and chew are also prohibited within college vehicles, buildings and residence halls, and within 25 feet of building entries, doors, windows and air vents. No such restrictions have yet been placed on what someone may do inside their personal vehicle.


Yavapai College President Dr. Penny Wills said the 25-foot law set by the state of Arizona was simply not working and that stricter measures had to be taken to ensure healthy campus environments for those not wishing to be exposed to potentially harmful substances. “This isn’t a power move,” Wills said in February. “We’re just looking after the health and wellbeing of our students and employees.”

After initial opposition, since the announcement was made that Yavapai College would compromise by only restricting smoking or tobacco use to certain areas, there hasn’t been much push back. The quality shade structures from Classic also added to a more acceptable environment for a solution allowing people to smoke. The shelter installation at Yavapai College can be seen in the photo below.

“For the mass majority, I think they believe it’s about time we took action on this,” the college’s Human Resources Director, Monica Belknap,  said. “During the busy season, there have just been tons of students smoking their little e-cigarettes and whatnot.”

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