The Solar Package is comprised of superior quality components manufactured by leading players in the global solar industry. The system includes one each of a solar shade panel, LED poly carbonate light (equivalent to 80 watts), gel battery, mini breaker, and solid state controller all connected with plug-in wires. Benefits include:
• No utility bills & improved safety!
• No grid interconnection – This saves considerable dollars on trenching costs and utility costs.
• Lifetime of over 50,000 hours & no carbon footprint
• State-of-the-art technology
• Tried and tested solution
• A solar controller gives you the ability to set hours of operation for the lights, and allows the device to operate without an inverter.

We have designed a range of system options to suit your needs:
• Crystalline solar panels with attachments, (±21″x 48″). This option takes up less space and is ideal in confined areas.
• Additional lights can be added to each structure and the timing of your lighting may be adjusted to accommodate your needs.



Solar lighting on Mesa shade structure at night.

Solar light under Mesa and Campion model shade shelters.

Solar panels on Campion model shade structure.