Atlanta shadeThe Atlanta shade structure model from Classic features twelve posts surrounding a space suitable for very large gatherings. As with all models, the Atlanta features no exposed conduit, and a clean, modern design with no exposed bolts. The frame can be assembled by a small work crew in less than one day.
• Spacious dodecahedral (12-sided) design
• Optional cupola available
• Nearly any size is available both standard and custom.
• 6:12 roof pitch
• The Atlanta structures shown on these pages are measured through the center of the structure out to out of the columns. The model measure is through the center of the structure “point to point” of roof.

In the first photo the Altlanta has a 2″ x 6″ T&G sub-roof and is located at Chevron Oil Companies Headquarters in Covington, LA with lights & fans by others.



Atlanta shade structureWade Walker Community Park, Atlanta, GA: 60′ Atlanta model with optional masonry surrounds, supplied by others. Hawaiian Blue R-panel roof with Creme powder coat frame and standard cupola.

shade shelter Atlanta modelChevron North, Covington, LA: Chevron Oil Companies Headquarters. 50′ Atlanta model, w/ standing seam roof in Colonial Red.