Oregon shadeOur popular Oregon shade model complements curvilinear as well as angular hardscape designs, and customizes easily. Available with 2nd tier roof or lattice.
• Versatile octagon design
• Optional cupola available
• Complements curvilinear designs
• Nearly any size is available both standard and custom.
• The Oregon structures shown on these pages are measured through the center of the structure out to out of the columns. The new way of measuring Oregon models is through the center of the structure “point to point” of roof.




Kaibab National Forest, Jacob Lake, AZ: These 45′ structures are ideal for large tour groups visiting the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Shown with Burnished
Slate R-panel steel roof, with wood fascia and 2″ x 6″ tongue and groove subroof.


Lighthouse Park, Jacksonville, FL: Shown with custom 6″ round columns, this 20′ octagon features a 6:12 pitch in Forest Green color HR-36 steel roof.