Towne Lake

Towne LakeAn ideal centerpiece for any park, the Towne Lake model shares similarities with the Verde model, though it is always hexagonal or octagonal with cupola as a standard feature, and is supplied complete with ornamentation. Available in a variety of sizes.
• Ornamentation included
• Standing seam roof standard
• Hexagonal or Octagonal Shape
• Nearly any size is available both standard and custom.

In the first picture, the 20′ model creates a unique promontory at the structure’s namesake park – Towne Lake Park in Irving, TX. The shelter has a standing seam roof in Colonial Red color.


Towne LakeSycamore Highlands Park in Riverside, CA: This 20′ octagon model graces the summit of a scenic hilltop park. Cool Weathered
Copper 12″ o.c. standing seam roof. Custom ornamentation reflects the city logo. Simply supply the logo and we’ll fabricate it.

Single Tier 20′ Octagon also in Sycamore Highlands Park in Riverside, CA